Ways to be safe from Electrical problems

By Tillman
In May 22, 2014

We all know the dangers of electrical mishaps. Here are some tips to avoid electrical fires and accidents:

Safety awareness

Working with electrical circuits can be dangerous if someone doesn’t take certain safety precautions. Electrical shock can not only injure but it can also kill someone. You should practice safety when working on any circuit and slow down! When someone is in hurry through a project, there is a greater chance for an accident to occur.

Shutting the Power Off

Always shut off the power to a circuit or device that someone will be working on. This is the first thing someone should do before working on any electrical circuit.

Testing the Circuit

After turning a circuit off, it’s a good idea to check it with a tester to be sure that it is off. Never ever assume that the circuit is off.

Wet Locations

Avoid wet areas when working with or on anything electrical. If there is a reason that someone has to be in that situation, wear rubber boots and gloves to lesson someone’s chance of getting shocked. Tools and appliances should be plugged into a GFCI outlet or GFCI extension cord.

Anyone working with electrics should make sure their hands are dry before grabbing any cord to plug it in or unplug it. Wet hands and a frayed cord don’t mix.

Warning Labels

Finally, if someone is working on the service panel or a circuit, they have to place a warning label on the face of the panel. This will warn someone not to turn on the circuit that someone is working on.