Guidelines for choosing Ethernet Cable & Connectors

By Tillman
In October 19, 2014

Using Cable with Good Electrical Performance

In a festival or industry, there can be a lot of “electrical noise” generated by the equipment. This noise is caused by random fluctuations in electrical signals and it can impact the integrity of signals being transmitted over cable. Ethernet twisted-pair cabling, which is an industrial staple, is often installed where it is subject to rotation, stretching and bending. This can result in irregular gaps between the conductors in the cable and these gaps can degrade signal integrity.

To avoid that, customers have to use cables manufactured using unique “Bonded-Pair” technology. With this cable, the twisted pairs are bonded along their longitudinal axis to guarantee uniform spacing. This bonding gives the cables greater immunity to signal degradation from bending, twisting and electrical noise.

Using the Right Connector for the Environment

Customers should choose the right cable but not the wrong connectors. If the project is in an unfavorable environment, customers may need special connectors as well as special cables. If the environment is one where corrosives or dust may interrupt and damage conductors, then sealed connectors are most suitable. If vibration is an issue, then screw-type connectors that stay fastened when shaken are highly recommended.

Another alternative is factory-assembled, factory-tested cord sets which provide high reliability and reduce installation time.