• Guidelines for choosing Ethernet Cable & Connectors

    By Tillman
    In October 19, 2014
    Using Cable with Good Electrical Performance In a festival or industry, there can be a lot of “electrical noise” generated by the equipment. This noise is caused by random fluctuations in electrical signals and it can impact the integrity of signals being transmitted over cable. Ethernet twisted-pair cabling, which...
  • Ways to be safe from Electrical problems

    By Tillman
    In May 22, 2014
    We all know the dangers of electrical mishaps. Here are some tips to avoid electrical fires and accidents: Safety awareness Working with electrical circuits can be dangerous if someone doesn’t take certain safety precautions. Electrical shock can not only injure but it can also kill someone. You should practice...
  • Tips to prevent electrical short circuits in festivals

    By Tillman
    In January 8, 2014
    If for any reason a circuit is interrupted allowing a current to travel down an unintended path that is known as a short circuit. In high power situations, this can produce catastrophic results. Around the home a short circuit can be dangerous, not to mention rather harmful to someone’s...