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Quality of services

We never ever compromise with quality of services.

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Expert employees

All of our employees are experts & are highly trained.
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Excellent Customer Service.

We recruit the industry’s most qualified
and customer-focused professionals to ensure
an excellent service.


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Our employees are always dedicated 100% to every service. Customers will feel the difference if they use our services.


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We are completely flexible in our services. Whenever customers call us, we are always ready, 24/7.


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We always ensure safety in all of our service. Because we believe that life is the most precious gift.

Data Cabling

Ballito Prawn and Jazz Festival Electrical support offers supply, installation, and maintenance of Cat 5e and Cat 6 cabling for this festival. We design and install cabling frameworks in adherence with international structured cabling standards to ensure the safety & proper electrical supply in the festival.


Ballito Prawn and Jazz Festival Electrical Support offers maintenance on cabling, generators, UPS units, POS systems, lighting maintenance, and most appliances in the retail and corporate industries as well as at the festival.


Ballito Prawn and Jazz Festival Electrical Support is able to supply and install both High Voltage (HV) and Low Voltage (LV) electrical installations which are used at the festival, compliant with all proper regulations and standards.

Servicing and Repair

Ballito Prawn and Jazz Festival Electrical support offers servicing and repairs of data and electrical equipment as well as most appliances which are used at the festival.

UPS & Generators

Ballito Prawn and Jazz Festival Electrical Support is able to supply, install and service a variety of festival-appropriate generators and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) units. Including clean power application to continue the celebration of the festival.

Power Factor Correction Units

The risk when installing any large electrical system is a loss or incorrect distribution of power. Wasted power leads to a low power factor requiring more current, which in turn means that it will incur higher charges. We provide both passive and active power factor correction units, to streamline power usage in festival installations.

10 % Discount

We are offering 10 % off in our service charge for the occasion of Merry Christmas & Happy New year.

Clients & Testimonials

We have always loved lighting up big conferences and when we got the chance to work alongside Ballito Prawn Festival to set up the summer festival venue in Cape Town, we couldn’t be more excited. Working alongside these guys brought about a whole new angle to the work and we finished the work in record time. It goes without saying that the lighting and choice of lights was phenomenal.

Rain Bakula, Cape Town Electrical appliance repairs expert (electrician-capetown.com)

Protective jackets are critical to welders and since there are many types in the market, we wanted to know which are the top welding jackets on the market for recommending to clients on our review website. To get the best, we had to test with the best welders in the region and that happens to be the welders at BPF. We had a conference with them and had them using the boots while setting up an event. The job required a lot of welding and we found out that the boots stood up to the test in the field. We’re more than happy to partner with such great experts who are knowledgeable in the field.

– Guilda Martins – (Owner, www.weldinghelmetexpert.com)

When it came to setting up the stage for performances during a national rugby tournament in Johannesburg, we could rely on anyone else other than our long-time partner company in Johannesburg. This company has all the expertise needed in installing lighting for event venues. They did immense work and the results were phenomenal. We definintely know who to call when we need help at similar events.

– Carel Ferreira (electriciansjohannesburg.com)

We tendered out work to install lighting at an event where we were mandated with the entire organization including tent installation. This company came in at the top due to their impressive portfolio and competitive prices. Meeting and working with them is one of the highlights of the entire process. They are prompt and handle every aspect with professionalism. No more tenders for similar projects, we simply know who to pick! Highly recommended.

Tori Stan –Professional Tent Installer, Durban

Always a pleasure to work with you guys. You made it possible for the Jazz music festival to go through the night thanks to your incredible lighting equipment and installation expertise. All the items you chose complemented out marquees and the theme of the event. You are the best and I highly recommend your services.

Brian Van –(Cape Town Based Marquee Specialists)